Cockroach infestation closes Cathedral City spot

Alex Harsha
Alex HarshaSep 16, 2023, 7:11 PM
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A Mexican restaurant in Cathedral City was shut down by Riverside County environmental health inspectors due to a number of cockroaches observed near cooking stations, according to a report conducted the week of Sept. 8 through 14.

El Tarasco on Date Palm Drive was cited for two major violations during its restaurant health inspection on Thursday, relating to several insects around the kitchen area and improper cooling methods. The facility has been closed due to cockroach infestation, according to the report. Due to repeated failed inspections within a two-year period, an administrative hearing will be held 9 a.m. Sept. 21 at 554 S Paseo Dorotea in Palm Springs.

The restaurant was also “out of compliance” in several other categories, which led to a deduction of 24 points. It earned a total score of 76 out of 100.

Major violations pose an imminent risk to public health and warrant the immediate closure of a food facility or immediate correction, while minor violations do not pose a public health risk, but do warrant correction.

El Tarasco, 34-481 Date Palm Drive, Suite 2-D

  • The inspector observed several live cockroaches on the floor near a hot holding unit at the cook line, the wall next to a flat grill, on the door gasket of a cooler, on the restroom door frame and other areas. Dead/smashed cockroaches and egg casings were also found throughout the facility. | The restaurant was closed.

  • Inspector observed large plastic containers of cooked beans and broth measuring between 48 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit inside a walk-in cooler after more than four hours. | Employees were instructed to dispose of food and how to properly rapidly cool food.

  • Other issues included: no food manager certificate; improper hot and cold holding temperatures; the A/C hose draining directly onto the floor at the dry storage area; gaps around rear exit door that should be sealed to prevent against vermin; raw beef stored inside grocery bags; utensils and equipment not being in good repair; an accumulation of food debris on the sides of hot holding unit, biofilm on the inner top surfaces of an ice machine and water on the bottom shelving of a cold-top cooler at the cook line; no probe thermometer; wiping cloths improperly used and stored; and an unlabeled spray bottle and personal items near food and food equipment.

Grade A restaurants

An “A” grade, or a score of 90 to 100 points, means a restaurant passed an inspection and met minimum health standards.

Cathedral City

  • Guatemala Grill Bar & Music, 68-100 Ramon Road, Suite C6-7

  • Los Reyes, 68-100 Ramon Road, Suite A5

  • Baskin Robbins, 31-375 Date Palm Drive

  • Hamachi Sushi Bar, 31-855 Date Palm Drive, Suite 11

  • Taco Bell, 31-705 Date Palm Drive

Indian Wells

La Quinta

Palm Desert

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, 34-100 Monterey Ave., Suite 100

  • Palm Desert Tennis Club, 48-240 Racquet Lane

  • Subway, 74-495 Highway 111

  • Casa Luna, 72-355 Highway 111, Suite C

  • Castelli’s, 73-098 Highway 111

Palm Springs

  • Rick’s Desert Grill, 1596 N. Palm Canyon Drive

  • John’s Restaurant, 900 N. Palm Canyon Drive

  • Taqueria Tlaquepaque, 362 S. Palm Canyon Drive

  • Carl’s Jr., 2520 N. Palm Canyon Drive

  • Goody’s Cafe, 5001 E. Ramon Road, Suite 2

  • Impala Bar & Grill, 333 S. Palm Canyon Drive

Rancho Mirage

Note: No restaurant inspections were reported for the week of Sept. 8 through 14 in Coachella, Desert Hot Springs and Indio.

This weekly report was compiled using restaurant grading reports from the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health.

Ema Sasic covers entertainment and health in the Coachella Valley. Reach her at or on Twitter @ema_sasic.

This article originally appeared on Palm Springs Desert Sun: Cockroach infestation closes Mexican restaurant in Cathedral City

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