Ex-Landlord of White Woman Caught on Camera Telling Black Postal Worker She’s ‘Not Equal’ Says He Had to Call Cops on Her More Than 40 times In a Year

Alex Harsha
Alex HarshaSep 19, 2023, 9:51 AM
Ex-Landlord of White Woman Caught on Camera Telling Black Postal Worker She’s ‘Not Equal’ Says He Had to Call Cops on Her More Than 40 times In a Year

A woman who spazzed out on a Black postal worker in a suburb of St. Louis, saying the worker was “not equal” to her, has had a history of wild behavior, according to reports.

Former landlords of the woman who went viral for her racist rant in front of a Kirkwood, Missouri, post office told the Riverfront Times that there were signs that she was mentally unstable while the woman rented from them.

The unidentified woman ranted at a Black postal worker in Missouri.

Court records show some of her landlords dragged her into court for not paying rent, the outlet reported. One, who asked the Times not to use his name, said he lost approximately $7,000 because, in addition to her not paying rent, she also damaged his apartment by putting holes in the walls and floors.

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The John Doe is not the only landlord who had an issue with the Kirkwood woman. One said she called the police more than 40 times during the year she lived on his property.

In 2017, Ruth Broome rented to the woman, according to the Times. She said back then, the woman called the police on her, too. The woman believed that Broome wanted to steal her reading glasses. She also seemed to have an obsession with the Middle East.

“She can appear perfectly normal, but then she can start crying to please not send her to Afghanistan. She’ll go to Iraq, but not Afghanistan. Just rambling about things that make no sense at all,” Broome recalls to the outlet.


The woman also told Broome that her son was “an a**hole.” Broome does not have a son.

The woman made national headlines after going viral and flipping out on Dawntayna Smith at the postal location where Smith worked. She wanted Smith to help her get mail out of a P.O. Box located at a different post office.

Smith talked to the Times about the encounter. She said told the woman she could not fulfill her request, and the lady left peacefully but returned within minutes and lost her temper, causing a scene.

Smith recorded the woman saying, “You’re not equal!”

The postal worker was not the only person with a camera. The woman whipped her cellphone out and started to film Smith.

“I send it to Trump. Maybe he could do something. And then Obama could sue him,” the woman said to Smith.

The woman went from talking about Trump and Obama to asking Smith where she got her hair done and later telling Smith that she “ruined her life.”

Smith said it appeared to her that the woman was saying everything that came to her mind.

“It’s almost as if this woman had been waiting to say this, and once she started, everything she had been thinking just came out,” Smith told the Times.

Smith also said she had to record the outrageous incident because if she didn’t, people might have believed the white woman over her.

“I’m working in an area where, if I didn’t record it, I would have been the villain, and she would have been the victim,” Smith said.

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