LL Cool J Fans Are Concerned After President Joe Biden Butchers the Rapper’s Name Onstage, Calls Him ‘Boy’ at the Congressional Black Conference Phoenix Awards

Alex Harsha
Alex HarshaSep 26, 2023, 2:51 AM
LL Cool J Fans Are Concerned After President Joe Biden Butchers the Rapper’s Name Onstage, Calls Him ‘Boy’ at the Congressional Black Conference Phoenix Awards

President Joe Biden has people concerned after his speech honoring hip-hop luminary LL Cool J at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation event on Sept. 23 hit a few eyebrow-raising snags.

President Joe Biden butchers LL Cool J’s name and calls him “boy” at an event for the Congressional Black Caucus. (Photos: @thetelegraph/YouTube Screenshot; @llcoolj/Instagram;

Biden was on hand in Washington’s Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the Phoenix Awards Dinner that wrapped up the CBC’s 52nd Annual Legislative Conference, where he recognized the Queens rapper and MC Lyte.

“Two of the great artists of our time, representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip-hop in America: LL J, Cool J, uhh,” said Biden as he stumbled through the blunder.

The audience laughed as he continued, “By the way, that boy has got — he’s got — I think that man has got biceps bigger than my thighs.” Those in attendance may have found humor in his gaffes, but others renewed interest in his mental fitness.

“This man is senile,” wrote one person on social media. Another user asked, “Is he ok?” A third person commented, “He old as sht he sees everyone as a kid lmao.” Biden will celebrate his 80th birthday on Nov. 20. He made U.S. history as the oldest elected president at the age of 77.

But for some, referring to LL Cool J as a boy seemed much more like a nefarious Freudian slip. Some of the comments suggested that the commander-in-chief had a racist past that was seeping into his public persona.

“We need an age limit on government officials NOW. This was a step above calling him a N**@,” wrote one user.

Someone else tweeted, “Biden has definitely used the hard -er before. For a split second, I thought he was going to call LL Cool J a you know what. ‘Boy’ just rolled off his tongue like an old Dixiecrat. This what we doing Black folks? First he questioned your Blackness, now he’s calling Black MEN boys.”

A few people said that Biden’s presence at the CBC was his attempt at pandering for the Black vote. In 2020, while running against former President Donald Trump, Biden made a controversial comment during a virtual interview with Charlamagne Tha God on “The Breakfast Club.”

“If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black,” boldly declared the politician. He then told the host to check his résumé to see the legislation he has supported in favor of the Black community.

In April, Biden announced his bid for reelection. As it stands, he will be going up against Trump, who is seeking his return to office.

The Republican candidate is facing multiple criminal indictments for his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, falsifying documents, mishandling of classified documents, and more.

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