Oregon Woman Captures Knife-Wielding Man Making Threats to Harm Her and Family on Ring Camera; Social Media Steps In to Help Her Move

Alex Harsha
Alex HarshaSep 21, 2023, 11:01 PM
Oregon Woman Captures Knife-Wielding Man Making Threats to Harm Her and Family on Ring Camera; Social Media Steps In to Help Her Move

Oregon woman NuBrittany Smith and her mother Tasha are trying to relocate after a white man repeatedly threatened their lives, coming to their suburban Portland apartment and pantomiming a stabbing gesture.

The various incidents have been captured by the Ring camera outside of their front door.

Man captured on Ring Camera with a knife. (Photos: Instagram/iambigbadbrit)

Smith captions the terrifying videos on Instagram, “This man been harassing me since I moved into these apartments.”

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The deranged white man wearing drooping black shorts keeps walking up to the door and waving a small knife in his hands. In most of the videos, he whispers profanities before he leaves. In one clip, he says he wants the woman to be whipped, and in another one, he utters something about slavery.

In one video that the woman posted on her social media profile, the bare-chested man warns her mother, “I’ll f–king rape your daughter, b–ch.”

In another, he says, “You’re about to get murdered.”


One more says, “Call the cops, b–ch.”

Rapper Mysonne, who dedicates his life to defending victims of racially motivated crimes, asks in the comment section after seeing the footage, “Where are you at Queen??” She answers him directly, writing that they live in Gresham, Oregon.

At the urging of the people in her comments, the daughter started a GoFundMe and hoped that her mother could raise enough money to move from the Landings at Morrison apartments.

On the crowdfunding page, which has a goal of $5,500 to help them relocate, she disclosed that she and her mother moved in on June 2 and have faced ongoing harassment from a man since June 29.

“The individual is struggling with mental health and has been coming down to my unit making death threats, racial slurs and rape threats. Every time he comes down he is either holding a knife or beating on ur door,” she wrote, adding, “The property management is aware of the situation and appears not to be concerned in our health or safety.”

Her mother offered solutions to the property management, believing they should have some responsibility in keeping them safe. She asked them to put the pair up in a hotel or provide them with temporary housing within the complex but was denied both requests.

She also mentioned that the local police have been notified, but nothing is being done to help them.

“Project response has been notified and are willing to assist him seek mental health treatment, but only if he agrees to go,” she continued, explaining the complexity of the laws and her situation.

Days after her video went viral and several TikTok influencers spread the news about the man and his actions, she posted an update.

“I contacted the crisis hotline for mental health,” she wrote in a reply. “And after telling them everything, they are placing a commitment hold for him at the hospital.”

According to a post made by AGilHadNoName on Sept. 19, the man was arrested. She posted a video urging people to financially support the two via GoFundMe and included Smith’s video of the man being arrested and her thanking people for sharing her crisis with the world.

“Thank you to everyone that got the attention to the police department, the health center, to the landlords, everyone,” she can be heard saying in a recording.

As of Thursday morning, the GoFundMe campaign has reached $8,000, exceeding the fundraising goal by $3,000.

Atlanta Black Star has reached out to Smith for comment.

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