Woman Catches College Professor’s Racist Rant Against An African Student For Being Late To Class

Alex Harsha
Alex HarshaSep 26, 2023, 4:01 PM
Woman Catches College Professor's Racist Rant Against An African Student For Being Late To Class

A college student shared the inappropriate rant that her professor went on against an international student who had been late to class.

In a TikTok video, the student, Allie, caught the moment that her professor decided to berate a Black student in their class and make outrageous remarks about his home country.

She caught her college professor’s racist rant against an African student who had shown up late to class.

In Allie’s video, she had recorded the entire ordeal, which happened over Zoom, between her college professor and another student who had shown up late to class that day. The student, whose name is Joe, was an international student and quickly became the recipient of a rather prejudiced question.

In the short clip, Allie’s professor can be heard giving harsh feedback to some of the other students who hadn’t been on time, before zeroing in on Joe in particular. “Joe, what about you? What if I had criticisms for you, what would I say?”

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Confused, Joe replied that he didn’t quite understand what the professor was trying to ask him. The professor went on to accuse him of being “distracted,” before diverting and asking him where his parents are from.

“Cameroon,” Joe answered, to which his professor inquired: “Are there a lot of poor people in the country? Are you from the French or Spanish part?” When Joe informed his professor that he was from the French side, he was then asked if that was considered “the better side” of the country.

The interaction didn’t stop there, with Allie’s college professor repeating the question of whether there were poor people in the part of Cameroon, and as soon as Joe answered that there were, his professor asked if he would give them $500.

Startled by the query, Joe wondered why his teacher was asking him that. “Because you’re throwing $500 away from the class if you don’t pass it,” the professor said, matter-of-factly.

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Allie explained that she ended up sending the video to the higher-ups at her college.

After receiving an influx of comments asking if Allie had reported her professor for the inappropriate and discriminatory remarks made about the international student in her class, she confirmed that once the class had ended, she’d sent the video to the Dean and the Office of Student Affairs.

“I promise I was not trying to be complicit in any way and I understand that the bystander effect is a real thing. I do regret not saying anything in the moment, but I was just so shocked that a college professor had the audacity and was so comfortable saying what he was saying to this student,” Allie said.


She continued, recalling that seconds before she had recorded the professor berating Joe, he had yelled at her for calling him out on his political beliefs after he went on a rant about abortion.

“If nothing happens I’m going to continue to press for this teacher to have consequences because he has had a repeated history of this behavior and people have reported him over and over again,” she pointed out, promising that she would continue to take this issue up with the higher-ups at her school until something is finally done.

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Unfortunately, many Black college students experience this kind of behavior.

According to a 2023 survey of more than 2,700 current undergraduate and graduate students, it was found that nearly 1 in 3 (31%) have felt discriminated against at their institution. Feelings of discrimination were higher among students of color, and the most common types were all racial (11%) and political (10%).

Allie’s professor’s behavior clearly exhibited racism and discrimination by not only singling out Joe but also subjecting him to prejudiced questions about his background because he was from a country in Africa. Such behavior does nothing but create an uncomfortable environment for students, especially those from marginalized communities.

Situations like this highlight the importance of people standing up when witnessing injustice of any kind, and it’s incredibly courageous for Allie to insist that she’ll stop at nothing until this college professor is rightfully punished and appropriate actions are taken to ensure that he doesn’t have the power to spew this kind of hate to any student in the future.

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